How To Safely and Correctly Uncouple Hydraulic Hoses

Checkout our video on How To Safely and Correctly Uncouple Hydraulic Hoses   STOP! Before uncoupling the hydraulic hose, ensure the hydraulic tool has retracted its stroke. Loosen the hydraulic tool coupling anti-clockwise to disengage the hydraulic hose. Replace the protective cover on the hydraulic hose. Coil the hydraulic hose around the pump ready for transport…. Read more »

How To Anchor and Disengage a Capstan Winch for Cable Hauling

Checkout our video on How To Anchor and Disengage a Capstan Winch for Cable Hauling Part 1. Anchoring a Capstan Winch for Cable Hauling 1. Position the capstan winch onto solid level surface free from debris within close proximity to the work site and reverse the vehicle within easy reach behind the capstan winch. 2. Insert… Read more »

It’s Time to be Smart with your Air Cons!

Summer is arriving! That means Air Cons are about to be on full bast! Summers in Queensland can be ridiculously hot and that leads to ridiculously hot electric bills. As summer commences, it’s time to make a better approach to how we use our energy with the PeakSmart air-conditioning program. This program promotes the use… Read more »

Winch Hire Provides VOC Training

Winch Hire provides VOC Training – We say it all over our website, and we will say it again. Safety is most important! Winch Hire Australia is serious about safety and we do everything in our power to make sure you get maximum satisfaction from our equipment using safe and efficient practices. To assure this,… Read more »

LNG Projects

LNG projects are up and coming in Australia. The East Coast market just started a massive LNG project! Winch Hire has hired extensively to LNG projects over the years. We love to get involved with these sorts of projects. Our now trailer mounted 6 Tonne Capstan Winch is perfect for LNG projects. All the diesel powered… Read more »

Highway Upgrade in NSW

The Pacific Highway between Richmond River and Ballina Bypass is on it’s way! Not only will it provide hundreds of construction jobs, it will soon make the lives of commuters much easier with faster travel times, and most importantly it will save lives with safer roads when it’s completed in 2020! This will be a wonderful… Read more »

Hurricane Harvey in Texas

                      Texas is being inundated with floods right now as Hurricane Harvey hits. Olivia, our native Texan, is keeping us up to date as her friends and family are affected by the Hurricane. Here in Sumner Park Brisbane, we are all too familiar with the… Read more »

Ross River Solar Farm

                Construction is now underway. When complete, the solar farm will capable of generating up to 148 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to power 54,000 homes. Ross River Solar Farm is a significant investment that will help to reshape Australia’s energy future. The project will also bring the… Read more »

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Just like accessories are they key to your decked out car, they are key to your Cable Handling or Lift and Shift or  project! We have accessories ranging from cable crimpers, cable cutters, cable pulling rope, and even a 1.7 Tonne Capstan Cable Puller. When you partner with Winch Hire, you get to reap all the benefits… Read more »

Check Out Our Cable Pushers!

We have some incredibly powerful machines here at Winch Hire Australia. Our 1.3 Tonne Cable Pusher 13kN is a pendant controlled multi purpose unit designed for installing long lengths of cables up to 150 mm diameter, without the use of a winch (or the need to pull rope through first) and may be set up in various configurations. These machines… Read more »

We’re Hiring!

We’re recruiting a Diesel Fitter to join our workshop team of mechanical experts. We’re looking for a self-motivated individual who has proven experience with hydraulics and components, 12 volt electrics, trailer knowledge and a talent for trouble shooting all things mechanical. We cultivate a team environment and this article sums up what it means to be… Read more »