New Snatch Block Range Now Available from Winch Hire Australia

Snatch Block - 2 tonne
  • New snatch block range available
  • 2 tonne and 4 tonne large snatch blocks
  • Ideal for open trenches, large cable pits and cable tray work

We are excited to announce our new product line: 2 Tonne and 4 Tonne large cable snatch blocks. Ideal for stringing power cable installations, they come with several benefits, including ease of directional change and side openings for easy cable removals. The cable snatch blocks can also be used in open trenches, large cable pits and cable tray work.

Our cable snatch blocks come fitted with sturdy swivel hooks for connection to anchoring points on the job, with or without bow shackles. They contain quick release pins for removal of cable from captured roller and heavy duty cast aluminium roller and bronze-bearing for smooth operation

The cable snatch blocks are designed to suit small and large diameter copper and aluminium cable hauling projects to change direction of the run without over bending the cables and doing damage to the inner core.

Always check with your Cable supplier for minimum allowed bend radius on the cable being used.

Snatch Block - 4 tonne

Why choose cable snatch blocks from Winch Hire Australia

At Winch Hire Australia, our customers choose us for our strong emphasis on quality of product and safety. We regularly review and test our product range and take time to invest in improving our offerings. We also keep up-to-date with Workplace Safety legislation and even have qualified staff who are capable of designing tailored Verification of Competency programs for your employees.

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