New Products: 2.2 Tonne Electric Winch and Conduit Proving Mandrels

Winch Hire Australia is pleased to announce new additions to our product catalogue: the 2.2 Tonne Electric Winch and our range of Conduit Proving Mandrels.

The 2.2 Tonne Electric Winch

Electric winch robust construction suitable for building sites, slipways and industrial use. Complete with pendant control with emergency stop.

A sturdy, reliable 2.2 Tonne Electric Winch. These 3-phase robust construction winches are suitable for building sites, slipways and industrial use. The 2.2 tonne electric winch also comes complete with 240 volt IP65 pendant control with emergency stop.

Features of the 2.2 Tonne Electric winch:

  • Compact designed for ease of transportation and consideration of limited space
  • Skid mounted with mounting plate and forklift slots
  • Pendant control with emergency stop
  • Safe operating procedures compliant with WHS legislation
  • Test certificate supplied upon request prior to every hire

Conduit Proving Mandrels

Our conduit proving mandrels are designed to easily remove debris from the duct ready for cable installation.

These conduit mandrels are particularly useful for cleaning mud, sand and debris from ducts and spreading lubricant. Complete with shackles and optional swivel.

For best results use these conduit (duct) proving mandrels in conjunction with our conduit cleaners and conduit cleaning brushes.

Suits the following conduit sizes:

  • 50mm
  • 63mm
  • 80mm
  • 100mm
  • 125mm

What sets our products apart?

With a focus on safety (our products are compliant with WHS legislation), we specifically choose (and frequently upgrade) quality, reliable winches and winch-related products.

Contact us if you would like to enquire about the 2.2 Tonne Electric Winch, our range electric winches orĀ Conduit Proving Mandrels.