Our Most Popular NBN Cable Hauling Equipment

nbn cable hauling

Image credit: Pelican Waters

The NBN is still being rolled out throughout Australia – completion is expected in 2020. We are frequently hiring out equipment for NBN cable hauling jobs. Our most popular NBN cable hauling equipment includes our optic fibre winch trailers and our capstan winches.

Electrical contractors always find our portable 2.5 tonne petrol capstan winches easy to use and perfect for cable hauling on sites with no power!

2.5 Tonne Capstan Petrol Winch

Capstan Petrol Winch 2.5 Tonne

Our 2.5 tonne capstan petrol winch will tackle your NBN cable hauling job easily and effortlessly. These units are full of great features, including an operator safety screen. They are lightweight and portable, and come equipped with a 10.3 HP diesel motor and up to 2.5 tonne line pull.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Operator safety screen
  • Reliable petrol motor

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We can assist with all cable hauling jobs. We have an extensive inventory of all the ancillary cable hauling equipment you could need, which can be hired with our fleet of winches. If your site requires reliable, high-quality equipment hire that will get the job done on time, contact the friendly Winch Hire Australia team today!