Our Most Popular Mining Equipment – Winches, Air Hoists & More

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We are Australia’s leading supplier of equipment for lifting, shifting and pulling in the commercial, industrial, construction, telecommunications, civil, mining and marine industries. Currently, our equipment is very popular for solar farm construction and mining purposes.

The mining industry in Australia is starting to move again (especially coal mines), and we have experienced a push for our mining equipment, including diesel and air winches.

Our most popular mining equipment is our 4-10 tonne diesel winches, 2-7 tonne air winches and 2-30 tonne air hoists. Some favourites are listed below:

7.5 Tonne Diesel Winch

These 7.5 tonne drum winches are regularly tested, certified and ready for use in your lift and shift jobs! They are commonly used for applications that require spooling, hoisting, lifting, pulling, lowering and other heavy-duty tasks. Modifications can be made to suit your specific requirements, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange the best solution for your needs!

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3 Tonne Air Winch

mining equipment air winch

Air-powered winches provide a range of benefits for heavy-duty lift and shift work. They provide lots of power, without the hazard of a burned-out motor. They are also ideal for tensioning applications, and can be used for jobs that require precise load spotting abilities.

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Air Chain Hoist SWL 30 Tonne with 12 Metre Chain Drop

Air Chain Hoist 30 Tonne with 12 metres of chain

We have the longest chain drops available in Australia! Our air chain hoists provide a safe and affordable method for pulling, lifting or lowering above and/or below ground. With robust enclosed housing, these pneumatic chain hoists are compact, relatively lightweight and sure to make handling and moving on your next job site easy. They are suitable for use in high-risk explosive environments, like mines.

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If you require mining equipment for an upcoming job, we’d love to hear from you. We can arrange equipment to suit your specific requirements, and are experts when it comes to finding solutions for challenging jobs!

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