Annual Load Testing, Brake Hold Testing and Certification]

To meet rigorous Lifting Equipment site stipulations, our scheduled maintenance programme includes annual load testing, brake hold testing and certification for our entire fleet of winches and hoists.

Scheduled annually with consideration to rental periods, every winch and hoist undergoes this process of accreditation, completed by workshop personnel who are trained and competent in every aspect of the procedure. The winch or hoist is lowered into the test bench and shackled appropriately to prevent any movement during the test. For drum winches, wire rope is unwound and secured to a fixed object then the winch is powered up to the rated capacity, the wire rope is braced and the brake applied for 1-5 minutes. A calibrated load cell device (pictured below) records the load capacity, with the date and results recorded in a Test Certificate.

Winch Hire tension Load Cell devices are available as a convenient portable weighing kit for all winching, lifting and cable hauling applications.

Over the years we have improved the safety and efficiency of this service not only for our own winches and hoists, but for customers’ lifting equipment, offering a convenient WHS compliance accreditation service.

In addition, our load cell apparatus is available for hire, providing customers with calibrated load data. This is invaluable when installing electrical cable which must be installed at fixed torque to avoid damage. The load cell data provides information about the hauling equipment’s ability to hold the load.

Contact us to schedule your winch or hoist for Annual Load Testing Certification or to hire a Load Cell on your next cable installation.

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If you have any questions about how we meet our rigorous Lifting Equipment site stipulations, don’t hesitate to contact us on T: 07 3376 2888.