Winch Hire Australia has the big muscle jobs covered by hiring equipment able to lift and shift from 250kg to 60 tonne. We have lifting and shifting equipment suitable for everyday needs right through to lifting engines from the Queen Mary and highly delicate work such as the restoration of Brisbane’s Town Hall.

Which Hire’s lifting and shifting equipment includes:

  • Chain blocks 500 kg to 30 tonne with various chain drops up to 30 metres
  • Girder trolleys 1 tonne to 20 tonne some gear or electric driven
  • Girder clamps 2 tonne to 5 tonne
  • Safety recovery units
  • Sheave blocks 1 tonne to 40 tonne
  • Slings and lifting slings
  • Snatch blocks 500 kg to 35 tonne
  • Tirfor winches

For all your lifting and shifting requirements, contact us at Winch Hire Australia on 07 3376 2888 or use our contact form.