Introducing Our Latest Products from OMAC Italy

Buongiorno! We’d like to introduce our latest acquisitions from OMAC Italy: our 4 Tonne Capstan Winches and our 12 Tonne Cable Drum Jacks. For over 50 years, OMAC has provided solutions to optimise processes in energy and information development by manufacturing specialised equipment for underground cable laying, HV transmission and railway lines stringing.

4 Tonne Capstan Winch – Trailer Mounted

4 tonne capstan winch

Our trailer mounted 4 Tonne capstan winch is a convenient mobile cable hauling solution for power and data cable installations in conduits or trenches in civil, construction and mining applications.

This capstan winch is supplied with synthetic rope on the recovery reel which holds up to 1000 metres. The recovery reel has a built-in winder and automatic rope winder with a telescopic rod.

For operator safety, all controls are mounted on the kerb side of the trailer and include a dynamometer, meter counter, speedometer and pre-selector for maximum full force. The hydraulic system is driven by a water-cooled diesel engine with 12 V electric start. The power pack is enclosed in a lockable weatherproof box with sound insulation.

The single axle trailer has off-road wheels and can be towed behind a large 4WD or small truck with standard 50mm ball connection. This capstan winch comes complete with mechanical stabilisers on the haul side and a jack-arm with a wheel on the drawbar side. Two rear mount hydraulic stabilisers secure the capstan winch into position during the cable hauling process.

12 Tonne Cable Drum Jacks

12 tonne cable drum jack

These 12 Tonne cable drum jacks are a compact solution for recovering or releasing heavy drums of conductor/cable.

The 12 Tonne cable drum jacks system comprises of two independent cable drum jacks and a high tensile spindle secured in the “U” cradle housing. These jacks are suitable for steel or wooden drums.

The cable drum jacks are supplied in pairs complete with one self-braking disk brake and spindles with accessories. Each cable drum jack can be raised or lowered independently by a hydraulic hand pump and mechanical safe-stops are mounted on the jack arm.

For more information about the products above (or our OMAC range in general), please contact us on T: 07 3376 2888