New Izumi REC-5510 12 Tonne Battery Crimping Tool

Introducing the Izumi REC-5510 12 Tonne Battery Crimping Tool

CABLE Crimper battery - Crimping ToolOur most recent arrival at Winch Hire Australia is this new product in our cutters and crimpers range of tools. This crimping tool is well-known to be widely used in the electrical industry.

Customers love this particular model because they’re a compact but powerful pistol type 12 tonne tool, suitable for working in confined spaces.

For the Izumi Battery Crimper, the most number of crimps per charge is approximately 75 for maximum size conductor.

The REC-5510A 12 Tonne class compression crimping tool is battery operated. It accommodates 12 tonne Standard dies for applying compression fittings to copper aluminium and ACSR conductors that are widely used in the industry.

The trigger switch and return button can be activated by only one hand, which in turn will allow you to have the opportunity to make the other hand free to hold working material.

With an all new electronic circuit board with LEDs, the crimper can now indicate the compression status and the capacity of the battery.

Last but not least, the REC-5510 has a new electronic memory function to record repair history by connecting optional “ROBO-RW” analyser.

Winch Hire Australia proudly presents the REC-5510 Features:

  • Pinch Free Piston Design
  • Rapid ram advanced mechanism
  • Well balanced design
  • 14.4VDC Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Powerful motor
  • Right or Left handed operation
  • 350 degree swivel head

At Winch Hire Australia, we pride ourselves in offering you the safest and highest quality equipment hire. When it comes to our products we strongly believe and put our full confidence and trust into them.

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