Industrial Equipment Hire: Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Purchasing industrial equipment is a large investment for companies and can often tip project budgets over the edge. While sometimes, purchasing this equipment proves worthwhile. For most businesses and individual projects, industrial equipment hire is the way to go. Hiring equipment can achieve greater cost efficiencies, lower risk, the flexibility of choice, and a guarantee of up-to-date safety standards.

When in need of construction equipment, more often than not individuals, contractors and companies are turning towards equipment rental as the preferred option. This is because of the many advantages that equipment hire brings. These include:

industrial equipment hire 1

1. A Smaller Initial Investment

The alternative of hiring (rather than purchasing) industrial equipment provides a solutions that won’t cripple the business’ cash flow.

Hiring takes the form of a lease. This means that no asset needs to be used for loan security, which is beneficial for smaller businesses who are just starting out. This also avoids the additional cost of paying interest on an investment.

By not tying up money in a piece of heavy machinery, the business has more funds to pursue opportunities and grow the business.

2. No Maintenance & Repair Costs

All heavy equipment requires maintenance and repairs to ensure it’s safe to use and in good condition. Caring for your equipment correctly will also extend its lifespan. When you hire equipment, you can avoid the expense of regular maintenance, as we’ll carry out the repairs for you.

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3. Avoid Storage and Transport Worries

Industrial equipment hire relieves the burden of dedicating short-term and long-term storage solutions for your equipment. While you may not worry about it immediately, continuous exposure to the sun, rain and wind will degrade the quality of your machine. By hiring equipment, the machinery is stored properly by us until you are ready to use it.

Rental can also bring the added benefit of simplified transport logistics from site to site. Attempting to coordinate jobs that require multiple pieces of machinery can be extremely stressful for project managers, and also add unwanted costs to the budget. When you hire through Winch Hire Australia, we’ll work with you to ensure your equipment arrives at the site as fast as possible.

4. Save at Tax Time

Another great financial benefit of hiring equipment is that rental expenses are a tax-deductible expense. Instead of being taxed at a depreciated rate over your owned assets lifetime, rental project expenses have more financial flexibility that you can benefit from.

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5. Avoid Compliance Issues

With all the compliance regulations – emissions, registrations and safety requirements – that come with owning heavy-duty equipment, it can be difficult to keep up. It’s essential that you comply with the rules and regulations in place to meet industry standards. When hiring equipment, we look after this for you, so you can rest assured that all the equipment you’re borrowing is compliant with Australian laws. This eliminates the risk of your company facing financial penalties or reputation burdens.

6. Access to New Equipment

When considering industrial equipment hire, one huge advantage is having access to a diverse range of innovative and efficient machines. While you may have to compromise on the latest model when purchasing, when hiring you don’t. All our equipment is up-to-date and of the highest quality.

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7. Access to The Right Equipment

Each project requires different solutions to complete the job as quickly and as effectively as possible. Our experienced hire specialists can share quality advice and industry best practice that will help you maximise the performance, safety, productivity, cost-efficiency and sustainability of your projects. As well as having access to all the newest and most efficient equipment, you also get access to our team’s vast industry knowledge. This means you know you’re always getting the right tools for the job.

Why Hire Through Winch Hire Australia?

There are many advantages when hiring through Winch Hire Australia. These include:

  • All certification is provided
  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Innovative equipment solutions
  • Wide range of products
  • Tax-deductible expense
  • No servicing costs
  • Peace of mind
  • Top grade industry safety standards

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