Industrial Air Compressor: Electric and Diesel


Winch Hire Australia offers an extensive range of quality industrial air compressors for hire. We stock a range of diesel and electric powered compressors that range from 50CFM 11kW through to 500CFM 146kW. Each is carefully designed to meet the rugged demands of the construction, mining, industrial and agricultural industries. Whether you need short term or long term hire, Winch Hire Australia has you covered with over 30 years’ experience in industrial air compressors. We also service all brands or air compressors in our workshop or on-site.


What Compressor Is Best For Your Needs?

There’s a variety of models to choose from when it comes to industrial air compressors. To help you better understand the usage of different air compressor types we discuss the features and benefits of each to help understand what will be most suited to your needs.


Power usage and capacity is obviously a major factor when deciding which air compressor to use. Industrial air compressors most often come in electric and diesel configurations. Petrol compressors also exist but are less widely used in industrial settings.

Electric air compressors are commonly used in industrial works for manufacturing, production and big construction work. The battery provides a stable power supply and extended life, whilst also minimising emissions and noise. The power output of our electric compressors range from 11kW 15HP to 75kW 100HP.

Diesel air compressors provide the highest level of output compared to electric and petrol, ranging from 44kW 60HP to 146kW 195HP. It offers high torque and great capacity for using multiple attachments and air tools simultaneously. Optimal for use in rural areas where power interruptions on electric grids and adverse weather conditions are common. They have a simpler ignition system than petrol which makes them more reliable too. The downsides are they can be noisier and larger, making them more difficult to transport and toxic fumes makes them only advisable for use outdoors.


Electric powered are usually smaller and lighter, which makes them ideal for constricted working areas and indoor use. This zero emission solution avoids putting workers at risk from exposure to fumes. It also works as an excellent backup in case a breakdown occurs.

Diesel powered compressors are higher capacity but this comes at the cost of size, weight and emissions which reduces the manoeuvrability. Fortunately, we have made transportation easy by mounting all our diesel industrial air compressors onto trailers and taken care of all the vehicle registration costs.


Understanding the total air consumption and required operation pressure of your pneumatic tools will dictate the necessary capacity of your industrial air compressor. If you require many tools continuously, you may opt for a heavier-duty compressor but if you only need a few tools intermittently a smaller capacity compressor could do fine.

Capacity performance is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) and PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). CFM represents the volume of air produced by the air compressor or required by your air tool and PSI refers to the required operational pressure. See the instruction manual or guide on tools in order to assess your requirements.


Comparing Quality Industrial Air Compressors

Winch Hire Australia uses Atlas Copco and Sullair industrial air compressors because of their proven reliability, innovation and efficiency. They are capable of performing at an industrial scale, even in the harshest Australian conditions. We realise that any downtime costs money so we take care of all the service and maintenance, testing and certification to provide you with a reliable high performance compressor with low operating costs.

Our models include:

We can also supply all your air hose, bull hose, pneumatic tools and pressure rope kits so you are ready to roll when you arrive on site.

Industrial Air Compressor Hire From Winch Hire Australia

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