Hydraulic Winch

If you’re looking for sturdy and powerful hydraulic winch operations, then you’ve come to the right place. At Winch Hire Australia , we have a range of hydraulic winches built for all sizes of Lift and Shift applications.

Specifically tailored for reliability and compliant with WHS legislation, our range of hydraulic winches can provide tough, safe and economical solutions for your next Lift and Shift project.

Why choose our hydraulic winches?

We’re Australia’s favourite supplier of heavyweight equipment for lifting, shifting and pulling available for hire to meet the needs of the commercial, industrial, construction, telecommunications, civil, mining and marine industries.

We’re passionate about what we do and only hire winches that are engineered for exceptional quality. Whatever your lift, shift or pulling needs, our team of highly experienced staff can find a solution for you.

Hydraulic winch features:

  • Compliant with WHS legislation
  • Varying dimensions, pull speeds and strengths to suit a range of lifting and pulling applications
  • Simple key start ignition
  • Emergency stop and isolation switches

Need a hydraulic winch? It’s time for Real Industrial Muscle. View our range of hydraulic winches today.

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