Our Hydraulic Power Packs – WHA’s Best Supporting Player!

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Winch Hire supply an extensive range of hydraulic power packs for electrical contracting, mining, construction, marine and industrial applications.

Our company name makes things clear – we are all about hiring winches. Air, Diesel, Electric or Hydraulic powered – Capstan or Drum, Winch Hire Australia is here to support your equipment hire needs. Due to the versatility of our extensive range, winches and hoists naturally gain the most attention. For a change, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on the supporting players that are essential for Cable Hauling projects, Lift & Shift and Civil Infrastructure applications: Hydraulic Power Packs.

Our Hydraulic Power Packs are well-deserving of promotion. They provide a convenient self-contained hydraulic supply, wherever and whenever it’s needed. With multiple hydraulic hose outlets to continuously supply power to hydraulic tools including all manner of drills, hammers, concrete cutting saws, you name it. Our Hydraulic Power Packs are up to the challenge with an impressive volume of up to 250 litres per minute with pressure up to 3000 psi. They are compact and skid-mounted, ready for dispatch and immediate application.

Using a manifold system provides a reliable power source for multiple tooling out of one power pack which means cost saving for you and greater workforce efficiency. Don’t tie up existing plant machinery on site, inappropriate for the application. Contact Winch Hire to supply a dedicated unit ready to safely and efficiently supply hydraulic power on your next job site.

Another Noteworthy Supporting Player… Cable Pushers!

Our Hydraulic Power Packs effectively power our range of Cable Pushers, another supporting player in the process of Cable Hauling projects. In simple terms, cable pushers use a hydraulic motor to hold and push the cable through a pulley system and into conduits or trenches. They effectively take the strain off and assist cable pulling winches, preventing damage to cables in very long or complex cable hauling projects. Cable pushers help take the hard labour of the job, resulting in safer conditions with the workforce able to install more cable in less time over longer distances in large or small projects.

Recently, our Cable Pusher and Hydraulic Power Pack combo was hired to install telecommunications infrastructure on a civil project in North Queensland. The client was impressed with the compact footprint of the equipment, well-suited to the tight work environment where multiple power and data cables were successfully installed into conduits across long distances with several sharp angle bends.

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We’ve Got Your Compressed Air Needs Covered

Our small portable compressors are suitable for construction, civil works and anywhere air powered tools are used.

Speaking of dedicated power supply, Winch Hire Australia can support your Compressed Air needs with a convenient mobile power source for your pneumatic hammers, breakers, winches and hoists to name a few. Long-term customers rely on Winch Hire for their supplementary compressed air needs on a regular basis and know that a quick phone call to our Hire Controllers will action delivery of a 260 CFM reliable unit to their premises. Our range starts at 75 CFM and goes right up to 500 CFM Diesel Air Compressors.

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