Hydraulic and Manual Cable Drum Trailers

During the past 20 years, Winch Hire has become Australia’s leading supplier of cable trailers that electrical contractors, utility workers and construction professionals turn to for their cable trailer needs. Our cable trailers have been selected from Australia’s top manufacturers and are designed for optimum operator usability, low maintenance and extreme versatility.

cable drum trailer

Our Cable Trailer range includes two basic types – hydraulic and manual.

Manual cable drum trailers

Manual cable drum trailers offer a low-cost cable spooling solution providing operator ease-of-use with no daily engine maintenance, fuel emissions or harmful noise levels. Cable drums can be loaded and unloaded onto the trailer in two different ways. If you’ve got access to a forklift, insert the spindle through the centre of the cable drum, then using the forklift place the cable drum into the cradle. Or simply lower the side arms to ground level using the manual winch, manoeuvre the cable drum between the side arms with the spindle inserted and raise the side arms using the manual winch.  These low maintenance manual cable drum trailers provide uncomplicated spooling of power and data cables with easy relocation as needed.

Ask us about our range of manual cable drum trailers with up to 1.3 tonnes of mass. 

Manual cable trailer

Hydraulic cable drum trailers

Hydraulic cable drum trailers consist of a hydraulic system powered by a compact petrol or diesel engine which serves two purposes. For ease of loading and unloading cable drums, the side arms are operated effortlessly using the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system also provides smooth powerful spooling through the cable drum drive. Hydraulic cable drum trailers are packed with a range of features including air brakes, drum drive, disk brake for drum and self-loading capabilities so that you can easily transport drums from one job to another.

Hydraulic cable trailer

Our hydraulic cable drum trailers are commonly used by NBN contractors to transport and spool out optic fibre cables. You’ll also find these trailers assisting in cabling utility projects where the ease of transporting drums of power and data cables is just one of the features our customer love. Our hydraulic cable drum trailers suit these applications perfectly, in particular providing the optimal drum diameter required to accommodate oversized cable drums needed to protect expensive optic fibre cable.

Ask us about our hydraulic cable drum trailers with 600 kg – 6.5 tonne mass.

Our entire range of hydraulic and manual cable drum trailers are designed to integrate seamlessly with our wire rope winches and capstan winches to reduce load strain, regulate spooling speed, improve productivity and generally improve the operation of the winch. Our range also includes manual and hydraulic cable drum trailers with the added convenience of multi-spindles allowing transportation of multiple drums of cable to and from the worksite.

If you need a manual or hydraulic cable drum trailer for your next job, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you to find the right trailer for your needs.