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Winch Hire Australia are industry leaders in hoist rental for a diverse range of applications. Our product range features an assortment of hoisting equipment that can suit any project, weight limit or space restrictions. As Australia’s leading rental equipment specialists, we have air hoists, chain hoists and manual hoists available for hire.

Hoist Rental

Hoists are used for lifting or lowering a load, they can be as simple as a hand-operated device for handling light loads, or in industrial applications, hoists can be heavy-duty and high-capacity machines. Hiring hoist equipment is cost-effective, convenient, and ensures your equipment is safe to use.

Types of Hoists Available For Hire

Hoists typically use a chain as their lifting medium, although sometimes rope, and can be motorised by electric or pneumatic power or used as manual handling lifting equipment.

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist 1 Tonne SWLElectric chain hoists have high load capacity, are versatile in its operations, are extremely durable as well as silent. They are a reliable and consistent means of lifting heavy loads for long periods of time.

An electric hoist is effective at lifting or lowering for a wide range of industrial applications including load restraint, lift and shift, rigging and underground mining. Electric hoists can also be equipped with special motors to make them suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Air Hoist

portable electric winch-rope-hoist

Air hoists are extremely versatile in the ways they can be used. The compressed air that powers the hoist allows for a floating functionality, which is essentially a weightless vertical movement. They are lighter than electric hoists and as a result, portable. Air hoists are designed as low maintenance equipment that can withstand dirt and dust, as well as heat and humidity. Their air motors are self-cooling which allows for increased run time capabilities and increased high duty cycles.

This equipment is purpose-built for use in warehouses, storage areas, factories, construction, mining and shipping yards/docks.

Manual Hoist

types of hoistsManual chain hoists feature high-quality steel that is resistant to impact damage. They are long-wearing and provide protection against jamming of the load chain. Chain blocks are typically operated with single-handed free-wheeling.

They are the most affordable of all hoist types, which makes them ideal for temporary or infrequent use, low weight capacities, and short lift height. They are also a fantastic piece of equipment when a power source isn’t available (eg. rural applications), and their low headroom makes them ideal for use in confined spaces.

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