Guide To The Best Construction Hoists


It’s time to get your project set up with the best construction hoists on the market. There are many great solutions available, but we’ve put together our top three picks that will make your construction project safer and more efficient.

30 Tonne Air Chain Hoist

When it comes to heavy-duty lifting, the Air Chain Hoist SWL 30 Tonne is the way to go. These construction hoists are able to efficiently and safely maneuver equipment around with ease. Manufactured under strict quality controls and demanding tolerances to ensure that workers are not at risk. It also has a low maintenance design that creates a robust system to suit all environmental conditions. Available with a variety of chain lengths, ranging from 3 metres up to 60 metres. Our proven brands include Atlas Copco, JDN, Ingersoll-Rand and Toku.


Hitachi 2S1 One Tonne Electric Chain Hoist

For many users, the Hitachi 1 Tonne Electric Chain Hoist is an excellent choice for smaller building tasks. They’re designed to be efficient and durable with a variety of features that make them practical for construction sites, as well as manufacturing and factories where lightweight and compact lifting solutions are required.

It’s powered by a convenient 240 Volt / single-phase power supply, self-cooling motor and achieves speeds of 2.4mtr/min with a low decibel rating. Push-button control makes using these hoists easy on workers too since it can be operated without having to worry about heavy lifting or straining muscles unnecessarily, avoiding risk.


Beaver Liftall 2 tonne Manual Chain Hoist

Looking for a manual chain hoist? The answer is the Beaver Liftall 2 Tonne Manual Chain Hoist. It’s the perfect solution for lifting, lowering and moving loads in tight spaces. It’s lightweight, compact and rugged with an exceptionally strong assembly that is resistant to impact damage. The short headroom also allows for easy installation in tight spaces. Compliant with Australian regulations, fully tested, certified and ready for long or short term hire. Built-in safety overload clutch (limiter) technology, means greater work safety when lifting or pulling.

Small hand operated models like this are excellent for small jobs in construction when heavy items must be moved around the worksite. All Beaver lever block gears are fitted with industrial roller bearings for added safety. Don’t settle for cheap units that jam or slip and make it impossible to do your job safely.

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