Fibre Optic Cables… FTTP vs. FTTN… What Does it All Mean??

Labor leader Bill Shorten and shadow communications minister Jason Clare are currently deliberating the broadband policy they will take to the next election, and as a result the NBN (national broadband network) rollout is a common feature in the news these days.

What is the Fibre Optic Network?

Optus have written an informative article outlining the differences between the current copper network and the glass NBN fibre optic network being rolled out to replace it. The article describes the properties of fibre optic cable and its ability to support high bandwidth for multiple users and transmit data over long distances. The fibre optic network means reliable, fast and future-proof broadband.

Fibre Optic Cable

The best way to actually provide this NBN is yet to be decided by the government. The fibre optic cable reaches homes through cable laid either underground or via overhead lines. This is known as “Fibre to the Premises” (FTTP).  Another type of fibre optic cable being trialled by NBN Co is “Fibre to the Node” (FTTN), in which copper wires from homes will connect to the new fibre optic cable network in streets.

Stay tuned as our powers-that-be duke out the best (i.e. cheapest) option for installation. In the meantime, Winch Hire Australia is on the job supplying our optic fibre winches – either trailer or LandCruiser mounted – to worksites all over Queensland and as far as South Australia.

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