Fibre Optic Cable Installation for NBN

winch hire - optic fibre cable

This week, one of our customers installed a main line optic fibre cable for users to be connected for the NBN.

The installation was from one side of a busy arterial road to the opposite side, spanning a total distance of 600 – this was made possible through the implementation of one of our optic fibre winches at a 2 kN line pull. The cable was rolled off our 3-tonne cable trailer and neatly coiled into a figure eight pattern on the ground, ready to be fed back into the pit.

Great skill was taken by the operator to ensure the fragile cable does not exceed its minimum allowable bend radius.

The importance of safety with optic fibre installations

Fibre optic cables consist of thousands of glass fibres that carry video and audio signals. Incidentally mishandling open-ended fibre optic cables presents a real health and safety issue: microscopic glass fibres can infiltrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, which can potentially be life-threatening. Proper care is needed when handling optic fibre cables.

At Winch Hire Australia, we have staff members who are qualified to provide Operator Training. This means that our customers can have peace of mind knowing that they will be able to obtain tailored, qualified training that is compliant with Australian OHS legislation whenever hiring and handling delicate equipment such as fibre optic cables.

winch hire - optic fibre cable

Winch equipment used for the optic fibre operation

Optic fibre winches

We have petrol trailers and diesel LandCruisers with hauling winches available to help our customers accomplish the job successfully. Each vehicle is appropriately fitted with electronic distance measuring equipment and safety screens for operator protection and convenience.

3-tonne self loading cable trailers

cable trailers 3 tonne

Our 3-tonne self loading cable trailers are engineered to safely transport drums of power and data cables. They provide for efficient one-man operations, are easy to operate and maintain and are road registered for hire in any state of Australia.

They have 500 kg drum drives to assist with spooling and recovering cables. Because they are equipped with controlled lifting arms and chain linked to spindle bearing carriers, the operator is able to rotate and lift cable drums that are not aligned with the trailer or are situated on uneven ground.

  • Drum mass 3 Tonne
  • Max. drum diam. 1950mm
  • Optional drag brake
winch hire - fibre optic cable

Need help with your optic fibre installation or NBN project? Contact Winch Hire Australia for more information.