Electric chain hoists are safe, high quality and are a great solution for tasks that involve lifting heavy loads. They work quickly, require no break, and have extremely high levels of productivity. From 230kg to 6 tonne, Winch Hire Australia has the highest quality range of electric chain hoists Australia has to offer.

electric chain hoists australia

Benefits of Electric Chain Hoists

Electric hoists can easily move heavy items from one place to another. They save energy, time, and the labour costs that come with manual hoisting tasks. Some of the advantages you will experience when you hire an electric chain hoist include:

  • Higher productivity
  • Higher load capacity
  • Inexpensive to hire
  • Versatile in applications
  • High durability
  • Quiet to operate
  • Smooth operations
  • Compact size

Hire Electric Chain Hoists Australia

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Electric hoist hire is a great solution for your upcoming lift and shift projects. Our electric hoists are available for immediate hire, and are suitable for various requirements, including use in warehouses, construction sites and factories. The compact and lightweight design of our equipment provides you with easy installation in areas such as confined spaces, or when quick use is required. All of our equipment is reliable, effective, safe, easy to operate and sourced from only the most trusted suppliers.

Product Features

Our range includes many features which makes them the suitable choice for a number of applications. These include:

  • 30% to 100% duty cycle for continuous work
  • Overload protection
  • Dynamic and mechanical brakes
  • Brake automatically engages in case of power failure
  • Enclosed construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Upper and lower electrical limit switches
  • Fuse protection to control circuit


Hoist Maintennce

Regular inspection and maintenance is critical to ensure safety of operations. Winch Hire Australia offers inspection, maintenance, servicing and repair services to ensure that your team is always safe while on the job.

Contact Winch Hire to Hire Electric Chain Hoists in Australia

Winch Hire Australia’s range of hoists offer a balance between affordability and quality. From 230kg to 6 tonne, Winch Hire Australia has the largest and highest quality range of electric chain hoists Australia has to offer. For all your lifting and shifting requirements, hoist and winch repairs and more, contact us online or call 07 3376 2888 today.