Diesel Winch

Looking for a diesel winch with Real Industrial Muscle? Our range of drum winches, capstan winches plus diesel winches with a drum and a capstan are ready to help you get the job done right.

Our diesel winches are engineered to suit a wide range of Lift and Shift applications and Cable Hauling. We hire a suite of diesel winches of varying engines, dimensions and configurations that can manage 400 kg to 25 tonne operations.

Why choose Winch Hire Australia

Winch Hire Australia is a leading specialist in hiring winches. Having successfully been operating since 1996, our highly qualified team of tradesmen are passionate about what they do and have an incomparable level of industry awareness.

As such, we only provide high quality diesel winch products. Since product quality and customer satisfaction is our priority. We test our equipment on an ongoing basis and also keep up to date with Workplace Health and Safety Standards.

Diesel winch features:

  • Designed for reliable daily operations and harsh environments
  • Compliant with WHS legislation and Mine Spec
  • Varying capacities, dimensions and configurations to suit a range of lifting and pulling applications
  • Engineered for power and reliability
  • From rope rescue work to construction to clearing debris – there is no job too big or small

Need a diesel winch? It’s time for Real Industrial Muscle. View our range of diesel winches today.

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