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Aluminium cables are well-known for being cost-effective, particularly when compared to copper cables (aluminium can be 20-50% cheaper, depending on the cable type). Aluminium cables also have a weight advantage. These features make aluminium cables an ideal choice for many companies – as a result, the demand for our 55 Tonne Hydraulic Remote Head Crimpers has increased. These tools suit widespread aluminium cables sized from 400mm to 630mm, and will complete any job efficiently.

Featured Product: 54 Tonne Hydraulic Remote Crimping Head

crimping head hydraulic remote

This Hydraulic Crimping Head has been designed as a portable tool for installing compression sleeves and terminals for transmission construction and maintenance work. It is perfect for high output cable crimping.


  • Suits copper and aluminium dies
  • Available with battery or electric pump
  • Robust construction
  • Spring assisted ram retraction
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Easy to operate and disassemble

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