Construction Equipment: Our Top Picks For July

Construction Equipment: Our Top Picks For July

Do you need equipment for an upcoming project? Perhaps you’re desperate to replace a broken machine or late delivery. At Winch Hire Australia, we know that things don’t always go according to plan, so to makes things simpler, we offer a selected range of popular construction equipment for hire.

With over 20 years of experience, Winch Hire Australia is a market leader that has the big jobs covered with machines that can lift and pull 250kg to 60 tonnes, as well as offering expert advice, customer service and commitment to safety.

Now we’ve put together a list of our most popular construction equipment to showcase what keeps our customers coming back.

Let’s get into it.

Single Axe Box Trailer

There are few pieces of equipment as useful and versatile as a box trailer, which lets you conveniently transport equipment to and from your next job site. Winch Hire Australia’s take on this popular construction equipment choice features 8” jockey wheels, 9” mechanical override brakes and steel construction. The hitch fits a standard size and has a cable to easily connect up the lights. It also comes with a spare wheel so you’re covered if a puncture strikes.

Quick Specifications:

Single axle box trailer

8″ jockey wheels

9″ mechanical override brakes

AGM: 1450 KG

Dimensions(mm): 2136 x 1524

ID: 03814


2.9 Tonne Cable Trailer Aerial Access

Next on the list is the 2.9 tonne cable trailer by Aerial Access which is designed and made in Australia for safely transporting drums of power and data cable. It delivers the payload so that it is ready for spooling and cable at the worksite to increase efficiency. The ability to self-load frees up workers for other jobs and improves productivity.

Special features include independently controlled lifting arms and chains which link to the spindle bearing carriers. This lets an operator rotate and lift cable drums that are not aligned with the trailer or on uneven ground. It also has a hydraulic drum drive with low friction to increase control when rewinding and spooling cable. Operating the machine is made safer by positioning the controls in an area that provides a clear view during loading and unloading as well as winding and rewinding cable. Tow it with a ute or truck via a standard ring pintle or 50mm ball-type coupling with electronically adjustable brakes.

Quick Specifications:

Max. drum mass: 2.9 Tonne

Reel size(mm): 2438(Dia.), 1450(Width), 75(Spindle)

Line pull: 955 kg (610mm drum) up to 1340kg intermittent

Engine: Koehler diesel

Brakes: Electric adjustable

Tow coupling: 50 mm ball or ring eye

Tow vehicle: Ute or truck

Dimensions(mm): L 3990, W 2450

ATM: 3180 kg



6.0 Tonne Cable Trailer RG

When you really need to step things up for a project, the Redmond Gary 6.0 Tonne Cable Trailer is the way to get it done. Rugged construction and heavy duty weight capacity is sustained by a hot dip galvanized frame and powder coated sheet metal components. All trailers are powered by a water-cooled diesel engine and fully self-contained powerpack, and are designed to comply with Australian Standards and Australian Design rules. They can be registered in any state across Australia and New Zealand as well.

The unique design includes two independently controlled lifting arms and chain link to the spindle bearing carriers. This allows for loading drums that are not aligned or on uneven surfaces, even with a single operator. Features such as hydraulic jacklegs, hydraulic lift arms and drum rotators, trailers allow drums to be lifted and rotated by one person. All trailer spindles have high tensile hollow sections making them light enough for a single person to lift.

Overall, a very safe and capable machine that is perfect for any cable laying project such as telephone and optical cable, irrigating hose, newsprint rolls, conveyor belting, defence equipment and seismic lines.

Quick Specifications:

Max. drum mass: 6000 kg

Max. drum diameter: 2400 mm

Max. drum width: 1500 mm

Drum drive line pull: 500 kg or 1000 kg

Drag brake optional

Brakes: Air auxiliary brake system

Engine: 7 kW, 9 HP Diesel

Tow coupling: Pintle eye or ring, 7 pin

Towing vehicle: Min. 4T truck with air brakes

Trailer lights: 12 or 24 volt

Dimensions(mm): L 4800, W 2500, H 2050

Weight: 3280 kg


Winch Hire Australia Is A Leading Construction Equipment Supplier

Need equipment right now? Winch Hire Australia lets you hire a selected range of equipment online and have it delivered directly to your project site or have it available for pick up from our Brisbane Depot. View our product catalogue online.

To inquire or hire any of our popular construction equipment throughout Queensland and Australasia please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.