Things to Consider Before You Hire Our Equipment

The questions below are what we ask our customers when they enquire about hiring our equipment. These questions ensure that we have a solid understanding of our customers’ needs, and allow us to provide them with the best customer service (and the best machine hire) possible.

Q1 – Are you lifting or pulling?

This question is important if you want to hire our equipment, as it gives us an understanding of the rope safety factors required (which are higher for lifting applications than for pulling applications).

Q2 – How many metres of rope is needed? Or, for chain hoist enquiries, what chain drop is needed in metres?

Some customers may just say “1000 metres of rope would be good” without giving much thought to the complexities involved (1000 metres could, in fact, be a very excessive amount). So, we ask our customers what their minimum rope length is and go from there. Gathering the right information allows us to select the right winch fitted with wire rope need to suit our customers’ individual requirement.

Q3 – How long do you need the equipment for?

Before you hire our equipment, we ask the approximate time needed as we offer better hire rates for long-term hire periods. During long-term hire periods, scheduled maintenance may be required which would be completed by our mobile service partners. If it is a long-term hire and we don’t have the equipment available, we may consider purchasing new equipment to meet our customer’s need.

Q4 – When would the equipment be needed if we are successful with our quotation?

This question is important so that our hire controllers can manage and prioritise our stock to meet our customer’s needs.

Q5 What city or town would the equipment be used in?

This question gives us an understanding of the logistics involved and the time required to deliver and return the equipment. This question will also give us an understanding of who can repair or maintain the equipment if it’s being used in an isolated area.

Q6 Is the equipment being used in a marine or caustic environment?

Underground mines and marine environments are very hard on equipment and electronics.

If we know the environment that the equipment is being used in, we can spray the equipment with Lanotec to help protect it in difficult environments. We can also use this question as a guide to ascertain which winch will be the best for the job. For example, an air winch may be better suited than an electric or diesel powered winch.

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We hope that these questions have given you some insight into our business and what to expect when you hire our equipment. If you have any questions about our machine hire, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.