Check Out Our Cable Pushers!

We have some incredibly powerful machines here at Winch Hire Australia. Our 1.3 Tonne Cable Pusher 13kN is a pendant controlled multi purpose unit designed for installing long lengths of cables up to 150 mm diameter, without the use of a winch (or the need to pull rope through first) and may be set up in various configurations.

cable pusher

Our Cable Pusher is a remote controlled multi purpose unit designed for installing long lengths of cable without the use of a winch

These machines are designed to connect to our Hydraulic Power Pack or suitable hydraulic power source able to supply suitable pressure. All control circuits etc are incorporated into the pusher unit. The only connections to the machine are hydraulic power in and out (200 bar 23 litres/minute).

  • Suitable for cable diameters up to 150 mm
  • Compact design easily maneuverable on site
  • Individual line speed and tension for each drum
  • Individual distance pulled for each drum
  • Haul settings where maximum allowable tension can be changed
  • System monitoring hydraulic oil level & temperature
  • Simple and efficient operation
  • Available with diesel power pack

You can read all about the 1.3 Tonne Cable Pusher 13kN here and even see a summarized brochure we have created for you.