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Industrial chain hoists are an integral part of any large-scale industrial operation. They are a critical piece of lifting equipment that can be used for load restraint, lift and shift, rigging and underground mining. Here on our website, we have a huge range of these items available to suit all your needs; we have chain hoists, air hoists and manual chain blocks suitable for diverse applications in warehouses, storage areas, factories, construction sites, mining and offshore requirements.

Winch Hire Australia is an Australian-owned company with over 20 years of experience and a leading provider of chain hoists. We offer a wide range of industrial chain hoists and troubleshooting advice to help your business.

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chain-hoist-air-chain-hoistsAir Chain Hoists

Our Air Powered Chain Hoists are perfect for humid, high temperature and dusty areas. They also excel at lifting and lowering in confined spaces.

The device operates at a speed that can be easily adjusted by manipulating the handle. Lifting capacities range from 500kg up to 30 tonnes, and our experienced team can help you choose the most suitable one for your project. All units are internally equipped with an adjustment knob that allows you to regulate speeds infinitely from low-speed raising to high-speed lowering!

Improve your workflow with variable speeds, compact and lightweight design, easy installation, manoeuvrability and the longest chain lengths in Australia, with units up to 60 metres.

Take a look at our air chain hoists for a compact lifting solution.

Electric Chain Hoists

Our electric chain hoists are designed for durability, flexibility and safety when lifting or lowering heavy loads. Includes features such as dual-speed capabilities with an adjustable speed inverter that allows the electric chain hoist to accelerate smoothly while reducing load bounce, vibration and swing during use, top/bottom safety hooks and raise position limit switch. We also have an optional swivel arm with mounting clamps.

Thanks to the meticulous long-life design, they are a lightweight yet durable option ideal even in severe environments. Safety is ensured from its electro-magnetic disc brake safety shut off system that prevents accidents from excessive loads or emergencies at all times!

Explore our flexible electric chain hoists for a smooth lifting solution.


Manual Chain Block

Our manual Chain Blocks are heavy-duty and have capacities from 0.5 to 30 tonne.  Features a high-quality steel construction that provides exceptional strength to withstand any impact damage it may encounter in its lifetime, plus a lightweight and compact design and overload protection.

They may also come equipped with close or extra close-coupled girder trolleys to alleviate headroom restrictions, allowing easy installation in tight spaces where every centimetre counts.

View our lightweight manual chain blocks for an alternative lifting solution.

We Supply The Leading Brands

With such a diversity of applications, there is a wide range of hoists to meet the needs of all industries and applications. We have selected our range from these leading brands: Hitachi, Pacific Hoists, Yale, Nitchi, Atlas Copco, JDN, Ingersoll-Rand, Toku and Beaver. This ensures the equipment you use can be trusted to perform safely and withstand the harshest conditions. Our team are here to consult if you need advice on what would be most suitable for your project.

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