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Guide To The Best Construction Hoists


It’s time to get your project set up with the best construction hoists on the market. There are many great solutions available, but we’ve put together our top three picks that will make your construction project safer and more efficient. 30 Tonne Air Chain Hoist When it comes to heavy-duty lifting, the Air Chain Hoist… Read more »

3 Simple But Essential Tips for Winch Maintenance


3 Simple But Essential Tips for Winch Maintenance It’s time for winch maintenance! Let’s face it, it has to be done. A winch is an integral part of a construction site. The primary use for a winch is maneuvering heavy objects in or out of tight spots and positions. In order to look after your… Read more »

Construction Equipment: Our Top Picks For July


Construction Equipment: Our Top Picks For July Do you need equipment for an upcoming project? Perhaps you’re desperate to replace a broken machine or late delivery. At Winch Hire Australia, we know that things don’t always go according to plan, so to makes things simpler, we offer a selected range of popular construction equipment for… Read more »

Types of Hoists: Chain Hoist vs. Air Hoist

types of hoists

Hoists are designed for lifting or lowering a load and have many practical applications in a range of industries. There are several different types of hoists, some are manually operated, electrically operated or pneumatically (air) driven, and may use chain, fibre or wire rope to lift a load. Determining the right hoist for your project… Read more »

3 Ways Winches & Hoists Function as Natural Disaster Response Equipment

disaster response equipment

Australia’s recent bushfires tore through 12 million acres of land, followed by extreme flash flooding. With the looming warning of thunderstorms and rain still threatening to inundate thousands of homes, Australia is not yet in the clear. In March 2019, Australia experienced six severe tropical cyclones and faces the possibility of enduring more this year…. Read more »

Our Most Popular Mining Equipment – Winches, Air Hoists & More

We are Australia’s leading supplier of equipment for lifting, shifting and pulling in the commercial, industrial, construction, telecommunications, civil, mining and marine industries. Currently, our equipment is very popular for solar farm construction and mining purposes. The mining industry in Australia is starting to move again (especially coal mines), and we have experienced a push… Read more »

Cable Sheave Units: Our Most Popular Items

Greenlee conveyor sheaves are used to change the direction of a rope or cable while installing cable in conduit or cable trays. A cable sheave is the ideal solution for overhead cable hauling installations, especially cable tray applications. These cable sheaves are designed to be used in a vertical position, for conduits or cable trays… Read more »

Easy-to-Use Compact Cable Drum Stands and Drives

We have cable drum drives that have been custom-designed for ease-of-use. With 15, 25 and 35 tonne cable drum stands available, you are sure to find the perfect cable drum stand and drum drive combination in our hire range. These cable drum stands and drives are the heavy-duty solution for spooling and winding high-density power… Read more »

Relining Frail Pipes? Working in a Confined Space? You Need an Electric Winch

Are you looking for pipe relining solutions that are suitable for smaller jobs, frail pipes or confined spaces? An electric winch is perfect because it is powerful, lightweight and compact. 3 Tonne Greenlee Electric Winch Cable Puller These Greenlee Electric Winch Cable Pullers are perfect for installing long or heavy lengths of cable in difficult… Read more »

Pneumatic Winches for Pipe Relining Projects

At Winch Hire Australia, we have a diverse range of winches available for hire. Some of our most popular options – especially for pipeline and trenchless drilling projects – are our heavy-duty pneumatic winch solutions. Pneumatic air winches come with a range of benefits, including: Lightweight and flexible Flexible clockwise or counter-clockwise operation Explosion resistant… Read more »

Diesel Winch for Robust Pipelining & Trenchless Drilling Projects

Steep slopes are very common in pipeline projects. For extreme hillsides, unstable slopes and heavy loads, a top line diesel winch is one of the best ways to ensure safety and efficiency. Pipeline contractors require the most reliable and productive winches available – after all, their safety depends on it. That’s why Winch Hire Australia… Read more »