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Guide To The Best Construction Hoists


It’s time to get your project set up with the best construction hoists on the market. There are many great solutions available, but we’ve put together our top three picks that will make your construction project safer and more efficient. 30 Tonne Air Chain Hoist When it comes to heavy-duty lifting, the Air Chain Hoist… Read more »

What Are Common Air Compressor Uses?


Compressed air is everywhere in our lives. From refrigerators to engine cooling, balloons at a birthday party to the tyres of our cars and bicycles. It was even made to use the computer or phone your viewing this on. The easy storage and transmission of compressed air make it an excellent medium for energy. Compressed… Read more »

Your Cable Laying Equipment Checklist


Cable laying is an important part of a project, often involving crucial infrastructure such as power cables, telecommunications cables and fibre optic cables. If you work in the construction industry, you know that forgetting an important piece of equipment can have huge economic and timeline setbacks for projects, so we’ve put together a checklist for… Read more »

Why Hoists Are A Critical Type of Industrial Lifting Equipment


Industrial lifting equipment is an essential part of many industries, as heavy lifting and shifting allow products to be transported to their destinations, cars to be raised, anchors to be weighed and building beams carefully moved into place. Having a tough and reliable piece of lifting equipment improves efficiency and safety, creating an overall better… Read more »

Hoisting and Rigging Safety

Hoisting and Rigging Safety 5

Hoisting and rigging safety is one of the most critical aspects of mechanical lifting operations. Rigging and hoisting operations are responsible for a large number of fatalities and serious incidents across the globe. The consequences of these accidents occurring are immense and as such, safety measures must always be taken to reduce these risks. This… Read more »

Our Most Popular Jinker Trailer – 6-Tonne Cable Drum Trailers for Hire

Winch Hire has a number of 6-Tonne RG Cable Drum Trailers “Jinker Trailers” available for hire throughout Australia. This self-loading cable jinker trailer helps operators safely and easily transport and manipulate cables and wiring to any remote location. Available with drum drives built on, this product is compliant with all HS&E requirements and industry regulations…. Read more »

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor Size

air compressor size

An air compressor is a device used to convert power into energy which is stored in pressurised/compressed air. Compressors supply the air for all pneumatic equipment including air winches and air chain hoists. This device is incredibly popular throughout manufacturing and industrial applications due to the safety and convenience of using air as a resource… Read more »

Types of Winches: Everything You Need to Know

types of winches 6

Winches are mechanical devices which have a single purpose. They are designed to pull in, let out, or adjust the tension of a cable, rope or wire. And while all winches are purpose-built for shifting amounts of weight that a human can’t, different types of winches are suitable for different applications. We’ve listed out the… Read more »

Air Hoist Hire & Our New 30 Tonne Air Chain Hoist!

Air hoists streamline the lifting and shifting of materials and products. Hoists are highly versatile and can be used in remote areas, because they don’t have electric motors. They are also easier to transport than electric hoists, because they weigh up to 50% less. Air hoists are low maintenance and impervious to dirt, dust, heat,… Read more »

Air Compressors for Multiple Uses

Do you want to find out more about our mobile air compressors? Thanks to our affiliation with Australia’s leading supplier of used mobile Air Compressors, Winch Hire Australia is uniquely positioned to offer a range of reliable mobile air supply for long or short-term hire. Diesel Air Compressors Diesel Air Compressors are applied in cable… Read more »

Air Hoists – Big Lifting Solution for Small Spaces

With their compact size, Air Hoists offer a reliable lifting solution for an endless range of purposes. You’ll see Winch Hire Australia Air Hoists in use at multi-level job sites, mine shafts, general engineering applications, relocating infrastructure for maintenance. Basically anywhere a high capacity lifting solution is required in a confined space, and where their… Read more »

We Have a Huge & Varied Range of Air Winches for Hire!

We are proud of our extensive fleet of Air Winches, which can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Whatever your unique requirements, our Hire Controllers are always attentive to the needs of our customers, and recognise the importance of ongoing fleet management. This ensures that you receive the best equipment – and the best customer… Read more »

Cable Stand Hire – Our 15-35 Tonne Cable Drum Stands

To meet optimal handling stipulations, optic fibre cables are typically delivered on large diameter drums in lengths up to 1000 metres. This reduces handling costs and also prevents damage to the cables. This also presents a challenge, because these massively heavy and large diameter drums are very difficult to handle. Enter: Our cable stand hire!… Read more »