Cable Tray Rollers & Hauling Accessories

Hauling cable in cable trays presents a unique and difficult challenge for the installer. Often, there are undulating expanses complete with snags, varying levels and sharp bends to overcome. Our cable rollers and guides are specifically designed to assist with these difficulties. Once setup is complete, our guides and rollers effortlessly allow power and data cables to glide over obstacles reducing potential damage and ensuring the job is done on time.

Featured Product: Cable Tray Rollers – 80mm Cross Section

cable tray rollers with 80mm cross section

5 tube Cable Tray Rollers with 80mm cross section

Cable Tray Rollers are a fantastic addition to any electrical contractor’s toolbox. These cable rollers are the ideal solution for simple guiding and cornering in cable installations. Once bolted to the cable ladder or mesh tray, they can form a radius or be used individually for conductor/cables up to 80mm in diameter.


  • Five tube roller configuration
  • Pivoting top roller design
  • 80mm cross section
  • Sealed metal bearings for smooth rolling action
  • Easy to remove
  • Secure
  • Australian-made

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