Find out More About Our Cable Trailers

Find out more about our cable trailers:

Winch Hire Australia is your home of cable hauling equipment, and our range is used on projects throughout Australia. This month, you’ll see Winch Hire Australia Cable Trailers at work on electrical infrastructure projects all over Queensland. In the north, our 1.5 Tonne cable drum trailers are assisting the installation of thousands of metres of cables in a solar farm project near Townsville. In Chinchilla, our 6 Tonne cable drum trailers are assisting installation of electrical infrastructure at a water treatment plant. While the Commonwealth Games continues to draw crowds, at the opposite end of the Gold Coast, electrical infrastructure is under installation in a housing development to help meet the ongoing urban sprawl in that highly desirable region.

Cable drum trailers are an integral piece of cable hauling equipment providing ease of transportation of power and data cables exactly where they’re needed. Our range includes assisted hydraulic drum drives for cable spooling or recovery over long distances.

When it comes to cable trailers, we have:

  • The largest capacity range in Australia, from 600 kg up to 6.5 tonne
  • Single, double and triple drum trailers to suit your application
  • Self-loading cable trailers for easy cable handling
  • Hydraulic drum drives for effortless direction and speed control
  • Disc brakes on the spindles for safe drag control
  • Honda petrol motors and Kohler diesel motors

Find out More About Our Cable Trailers

For all your hauling requirements, contact us at Winch Hire Australia on 07 3376 2888 or use our contact form. We are your home of cable hauling equipment, and we are always happy to help.