Cable stands

Need a cable stand? Our comprehensive range of cable drum stands and jacks for spooling and recovering ropes, cables, conveyor belts and hoses of various types are used extensively in the construction, mining, industrial and oil and gas industries.

The range includes robust cable drum stands with hydraulic jacks (up to SWL 35 tonnes) with optional hydraulic power packs to assist smooth controlled spooling, right through to portable drum stands (from SWL 500 kg up to 15 tonnes).

Whatever your spooling equipment requirements, from cable drum spoolers, pulling winches, hydraulic drum drives and everything in between, contact us to find out how we can assist you with the complete range of equipment.

CABLE Stands 15T 04001A

Cable stand and cable drum jack features:

  • Cable drum stands with hydraulic jacks
  • Cable drum stands with diesel-powered hydraulic drum drives
  • Aircraft type cable drum stands with hydraulic jacks
  • Compact, lightweight, portable cable spoolers
  • Rated hollow spindles for one-man lift
  • Extra long heavy duty spindles up to 4000mm


Why customers choose us for their cable stands and drum jacks

If you’re looking for quality cable stands and jacks, then Winch Hire Australia is here to help. Product quality and customer satisfaction are of substantial importance to us. As such, we keep up to date with Workplace Health and Safety standards and test our equipment on an ongoing basis.


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