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Cable and telecommunications installation is an essential part of infrastructure developments but have you ever wondered what could be done to improve cable management? The productivity benefits alone make having a reliable cable spooling machine essential to any worksite.

A cable spool machine allows technicians to conveniently pay-out cable into ducts and overcome the re-spooling challenges that compound with the size and weight of the cable. Whilst the cable reel is no new invention, many of the current options available have inefficiencies for cable distribution applications.

Winch Hire Australia is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of cable handling equipment solutions, including high-quality cable spooling machines. Find out what we can do for you.


Cable Spooling Machines With Industrial Grunt

Getting the job done right requires heavy-duty equipment that can keep up. Winch Hire Australia is Australia’s leading supplier of cable handling equipment. Our extensive range of capstan winches, wire rope winches, cable pushers and bull wheel winches is specifically designed for productivity, safety and reliability.

Whether you call it spooling, coiling or winding, we have equipment that can do it with reel sizes 120mm to 1250mm and push/pull speeds up to 25m per minute. Our hydraulic winch systems come conveniently loaded onto mobile trailers, letting you improve efficiency with one-man operation too.

Our range of cable spooling machines includes:

1.0 Tonne Cable Pusher 10kN

1 Tonne Electric Winch

1,3 Tonne Cable Pusher 13kN

0.6 Tonne Cable Trailer

1.0 Tonne Cable Trailer (Self-Load)

1.0 Tonne Cable Trailer (Manual-Load)

1.5 Tonne Fibre Optic Winch Trailer

1.5 Tonne Cable Trailer RG

1.8 Tonne Cable trailer RG With Double Drum

2.7 Tonne Cable Trailer RG With Triple Drum

2.9 Tonne Cable trailer Aerial Access

3.0 Tonne Cable Trailer RG

6.0 Tonne Cable Trailer RG

6.5 Tonne Cable Trailer RG

6.5 Tonne Cable Trailer Ozzie

25 Tonne Cable Drum Drive

35 Tonne Cable Drum Drive

Why Customers Choose Winch Hire Australia

We care about our customers and they love our wide variety of services. When it comes to cable handling equipment, it’s our responsibility to deliver outstanding products that can assist in helping you efficiently deliver your cable handling and pulling requirements. As such, we scrutinise, test and select winch equipment on an ongoing basis and also keep up to date with workplace health and safety legislation.

We employ a highly experienced team of qualified tradesmen with amazing product awareness and industry experience, which can create several economic and time-saving benefits for your projects.

Our winches range from 200kg up to 35 Tonne capacity with lengths of wire rope fitted from 50 metres to 6000 metres, meaning there’s a winch available for any task, no matter the size. Each winch is conveniently equipped with certified wire rope and chain, ready to be dispatched to your preferred location.


We Are Trusted By Major Projects

Winch Hire Australia has been offering the hire of heavyweight equipment for lifting, shifting and pulling since 1996. We recognised the importance of highly specialised, up-to-the-minute equipment on a project-by-project basis.

After 20 years in the industry, Winch Hire Australia remains the market leader thanks to its superior experience, servicing skills and commitment to safety.

We have provided cable spooling equipment for Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects, including Brisbane’s $3.2 billion Clem 7 Tunnel and the Brisbane Northern Busway.

Benefits of Winch Hire Australia

  • Cost-Effective
  • No servicing costs
  • Purpose-built for both large and small scale applications
  • Exceeds all required OHSC Safety standards.

Winch Hire Australia Has You Covered

For all your Cable Spooling Machine requirements, contact us at Winch Hire Australia on 07 3376 2888 or use our contact form.