If you need a reliable cable roller to help with your cable installation needs, Winch Hire Australia has Australia’s largest cable roller and cable guide range ready for hire. Designed to make your job easier, our cable roller range are the ideal solution for guiding and protecting cables while laying them during installation.

We have numerous types of cable rollers designed for different jobs. Some include twin directional cable rollers (perfect solution for stepping up and stepping down cable trays for various levels), fold base curved cable rollers (best when installing new cables over existing cables), split duct roller cable guides (ideal for heavy duty jobs when installing bulky cables) and more. You can view our cable roller range below or visit our cable roller page.

Which cable roller should I choose?

Would you like to know more about cable rollers, or find out which cable roller to choose for your particular job? You can contact us, or we can come to your site to help you select the most cost-effective cable rollers and cable guide solution for your requirements. Further, if your lifting machinery needs evaluation, we offer testing and certification of lifting equipment in accordance with current Workplace Health and Safety standards.

Why Winch Hire Australia?

Time and time again, we’re lucky to have our customers choose us for our high quality, Australian-made cable rollers and guides. Integrity is important to our business, and we put a lot of focus in providing our customers with quality cable equipment at the right value.

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