Choosing the Right Cable Pulling Rope

When it comes to pulling rope, all ropes are not created equal. At Winch Hire Australia we supply three types of braided or twisted nylon or polypropylene ropes designed for all cable hauling operations including the NBN rollout.

You’ll need to consider a few important factors when choosing the right cable pulling rope to hire. These factors include:

  • The distance of the haul
  • The weight of the power or data cables
  • The conduit or tray configuration – is it straight? Or are there bends or steps that you need to contend with?

Pelican Rope

Pelican cable pulling rope

For cable hauls over long distances (250 metres and above) and with bends or steps, you’ll need to consider the stretch factor – ropes with Bungee tendencies should be avoided every time. In these instances, Pelican Rope with the lowest stretch is the preferred cable pulling rope especially on high safety monitored worksites. Pelican Rope has a higher safety load rating than nylon rope due to its polypropylene strength and unique construction. Our Pelican Rope has a break force of up to 13, 670 kilograms.


Nylon Braided/Twisted Pulling Ropes

Braided cable pulling rope

Our range of nylon braided or twisted cable pulling ropes are a cost-effective and safe choice for cable hauling jobs over shorter distances (around the 125 metre mark). These cable pulling ropes have a breaking strain of 6500 kg, which, when working on a safety rating of 2:1, will safely haul cables weighing up to 3300 kg over this distance in straight conduits. For the record, we supply other lengths and safe working load capacities, but this configuration is commonly preferred by our customers hiring these ropes.

All our cable pulling ropes are stored on heavy-duty reels. To raise them off the ground, our cable jacks/stands will provide you with easy spooling. To avoid twisting the rope, you’ll also need the right sized swivel to suit your conduit diameter and a shackle at both ends of the rope.

For more information about our range of cable pulling rope, see our website or contact us now.