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We have a range of powerful cable pullers that will ensure the safe and efficient execution of your next construction project. The diverse range is suitable for a variety of applications. Capacities stretch from 3.5 up to 25-tonne pulling capstan winches and a variety of power sources including petrol, diesel and electric.

Winch Hire Australia is a market leader in heavy-duty industrial equipment hire, having provided cable pullers for Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects, including Brisbane’s $3.2 billion Clem 7 Tunnel and the Brisbane Northern Busway.

Capstan winches from Winch Hire Australia are an ideal choice of cable puller due to their cost-effectiveness, no servicing fees and stringent safety testing and compliance measures.

When it comes to operational reliability and safety, you can count on us to deliver.

CABLE-Winch-E-1.7T-03119-021.7 Tonne Cable Puller Twin Capstan Electric Winch

Built tough for the harshest Australian environments, our cable puller twin electric winch is a prime piece of equipment. You’ll enjoy the versatility and ease of use brought by the wheel-mounted frame and a-frame for secure tow-bar hitching. Two cable guided pulleys assist in maintaining the cable angle and direction into the conduit or trench.

You can tuck this into confined spaces thanks to its lightweight design which can be lifted by two people. It also has no emissions so it’s perfect for confined spaces with poor air circulation.

Additional features:

  • Single-phase 240 volt cable puller
  • Overload protection to ensure automatic shut-off
  • Electromagnetic spring-applied fail-safe brake
  • Rugged induction motor for proven reliability
  • Foot control for hands-free operation

More Popular Capstan Winches

If you require a cable puller, chances are Winch Hire Australia has a capstan winch that can do the job. Browse our full range below:

Why You Should Use Winch Hire Australia

What makes people keep choosing Winch Hire Australia? We believe that it’s our dedication to our customers. Tough days are made better when the equipment you use works exactly the way you want and is designed for versatility and mobility.

We are passionate about the quality of our products and services. By delivering reliable cable pullers at an affordable price, we ensure our customers always leave happy.

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