Winch Hire Australia is the Supplier of Choice for a Large New Local Development

It’s been a solid start to the year here at Winch Hire Australia. We aim to keep you up to date with all the new developments in the business, so here are two of the biggest that we’ve experienced this month so far.

Supplier of choice

Cable installation

We’ve recently been hired to supply Cable Hauling Equipment for a $12 million refurbishment project in our local area. This project involves some extensive power and data cable installations and major upgrades to the venue’s operations and decor. It’s a really exciting new development that will provide patrons with a revitalised and modern space to enjoy for years to come.

Timing is critical for this particular project. During the cable installation process, which will involve the installation of thousands of metres of cables in underground trenches and overhead cable trays, several diesel generators will be powering the premises.

Our skilled Hire Controllers have liaised with the chief contractor to ensure that the capstan winches, rollers, cable snakes and all associated cable hauling equipment they need are all assembled and ready to get this job well and truly on the way to completion.

Fibre optic winches on backorder as NBN rollout quickens


Our range of Cable Hauling equipment is currently in very high demand as the NBN continues its nation-wide rollout; our Fibre Optic Winches are on backorder at the moment due to their necessity across a wide range of NBN projects.

Available as LandCruiser-mounted, skid-mounted or trailer-mounted, our Fibre Optic winches are fully certified to a capacity of 2 kN (1200mm) and 4 kN (600mm), with a speed of up to 100 metres per minute.

Due to this high demand, our Hire Controllers recommend that you visit our website to select the right equipment for your project and then get in early to reserve it for your approximate hire period.

We’re also more than happy to arrange on-site operator training for Fibre Optic Winches, as well as our entire range of Cable Hauling equipment.

Contact us

If you have any questions about any of the services we mentioned, feel free to contact Winch Hire Australia or give us a ring on 07 3376 2888. We’ll clear it all up for you in no time.