Cable drum trailer


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Winch Hire Australia’s range of cable drum trailers are specifically designed for transporting drums of power and data cables to your worksite while providing controlled spooling or rewinding of cables.

Our cable drum trailers come with a variety of loading options and are built with operator ease and safety in mind. Simply reverse the trailer onto the cable drum inserted with the appropriate spindle. The cable drum is lifted clear off the ground either hydraulically or manually and secured for transport to the work site. Controls are positioned to provide the operator with a clear view during loading and unloading, as well as winding and rewinding cable. During transport, cable drums can safely and securely locked in the spindle bearing carriers.

Self loading units feature independently controlled lifting arms and a chain link to the spindle bearing carriers, which allows the operator to rotate and lift cable drums that are not aligned with the trailer or are situated on uneven ground. Trailers with hydraulic drum drive systems use low friction on the cable drum or spindle to assist controlled spooling or rewinding cable.

0.6 Tonne self loading cable trailer

Advantages of our cable drum trailers

  • Safe and efficient operation
  • Hydraulic self-loading units, diesel or petrol powered
  • Manual loading units
  • High tensile spindles and cones to secure varying drum sizes
  • Wide range of braking systems with couplings to suit
  • Road registered for hire in any state throughout Australia

Why hire cable drum trailers from Winch Hire Australia

We are Australia’s premier providers of heavyweight equipment needed for lifting, shifting and pulling. We’re passionate about delivering quality products – we test and purchase products on an ongoing basis and keep in touch with legislative and health and safety requirements. We’re backed by a team of dedicated tradespersons who actively work to help find solutions to your lifting, shifting and pulling needs in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

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