Easy-to-Use Compact Cable Drum Stands and Drives

We have cable drum drives that have been custom-designed for ease-of-use. With 15, 25 and 35 tonne cable drum stands available, you are sure to find the perfect cable drum stand and drum drive combination in our hire range.

These cable drum stands and drives are the heavy-duty solution for spooling and winding high-density power and data cables from large cable drums. They reduce the load and prevent damage on cables during hauling and installation applications.

Featured Product: 35 Tonne Cable Drum Drive Plant # 03783

Winch Hire Australia’s range of hydraulic diesel driven drum drives are a powerful spooling solution for cable jacks and stands up to 35 tonne SWL.

This hydraulic diesel drum drive provides a powerful spooling and winding solution for cable drum jacks and stands up to SWL 35 tonne. These compact, self-contained cable drum drive units offer multiple hitching options and are pallet sized for easy transportation.

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Cable Drum Stand Case Study

Recently, our Hire Controllers devised an easy fix for a customer with a tricky problem. This customer discovered extensive termite damage to their untreated timber cable drums, which were storing valuable high voltage cables. The solution was to utilise our compact cable drum drives in combination with 15 tonne cable drum stands to unspool the HV cable from the termite-damaged drums, and wind onto steel cable drums  (which are impermeable to termite damage). The customers were delighted with the performance of the cable drum drive and it ability to effortlessly unwind the HV cable from the damaged cable drums, followed by rewinding onto the steel drums for a safe storage solution.

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