Our New Cable Crimpers

Over the years we’ve assembled a vast range of crimpers and cutters from the world’s premier manufacturers. The range continues to be a popular rental item for long or short term hire. Our customers love the range of crimper sizes from 12 Tonne right up to 55 Tonne with the option of battery-powered, manual or electric power pack to suit individual needs.

12 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper – Lithium Ion battery operated

12 tonne hydraulic cable crimper

This 12 Tonne hydraulic cable crimper is battery operated and ideal when working in confined spaces. It accommodates 12 tonne shell type dies.

When crimping cables in confined spaces the preferred tool is the Izumi REC-5510 hydraulic compression tool.  This battery-operated compression tool accommodates 12-tonne shell type dies which are widely used in the industry for applying compression fittings to copper aluminium and ACSR conductors. The high energy density Lithium Ion battery powers the new rapid advance system reducing tool run time and giving more crimps per battery charge.

The ergonomic pistol type compression crimping tool makes it easier for working in a tight space or in the control box. Rapid advance hydraulic mechanism and a built-in, preset bypass cartridge will kick in when the output reaches to 12 tonne. The trigger switch and return button are activated only by one hand so that the other hand is always free to hold working material.

55 Tonne Hydraulic Remote Crimp Head

hydraulic remote crimp head

For high output cable crimps these powerful 54 Tonne hydraulic remote crimp head tools come complete with coupling and alloy stand.

At the high end of the spectrum you’ll find our powerful Utilux 40BH hydraulic remote crimp head tools. These U frame high capacity compression head tools have an output of 55 Tonnes. Designed with robust construction with features like spring assisted ram retraction provide you with a professional compression tool when you need it on your next project. We can supply you with a pump to provide the input of 700 bar 10,000 psi. Also, ask us about our range of AL and CU dies to suit. The carry handle and metal carry case keep all components ready for action and store away once you’re done.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about these products.