Benefits of Professional Rigging Equipment

Rigging equipment is an essential part of operations that require mechanical lifting. There are a variety of applications, with services often required in construction, engineering and event staging. Rigging equipment refers to the devices and elements used to lift and manoeuvre objects safely, whilst following the planned system implemented by a team of riggers. It combines a variety of components which are used to secure and distribute the load in question, facilitate the moving process and ensure it is completed successfully. Every job is different, so it’s important to have an in-depth understanding of what’s required for each unique task.


The benefits of professional rigging equipment make them essential to a range of projects. They maintain safety, reliability and provide increased load capacity. By preparing for each operation thoroughly, you ensure that there will be no injuries or delays due.

Types of Rigging Equipment

  • Rigging Hooks
  • Pulleys and Blocks
  • Shackles
  • Eye Bolts
  • Steel Nuts
  • Wire Ropes and Accessories
  • Synthetic Lifting Slings

Benefit 1: Ensures Safety

One of the most important aspects of operations pertaining to mechanical lifting is to conduct hoisting and rigging with employee and public safety as a primary focus. When it comes to professional rigging equipment, it is essential to check that it has undergone a thorough inspection before commencing operations. Look for signs of corrosion, deteriorated screw thread and general wear, as discussed in our blog Hoisting and Rigging Safety.

Benefit 2: Reliable Build Quality


When it comes to rigging equipment, you need a product that has undergone a rigorous inspection, thoroughly tested for maximum load capacity and assured it meets industry standards such as ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), which is an internationally recognised board that establishes standards on equipment used in a range of industries.

When you speak to a supplier about hiring equipment, make sure you check that they are using proven brands such as Hitachi, Pacific Hoists, Yale, Nitachi, Atlas Copco, JDN, Ingers-Rand and Toku and Beaver which are purpose-built for use in warehouses, storage areas, factories, construction and mining sites.

Benefit 3: Minimises Costs

Every industry that requires rigging equipment operates to tight deadlines, completion targets and strict budgets. Another benefit of using professional rigging equipment is that you will minimise the risk of productivity decline, energy consumption and overall safety.

A clear example of this is in the mining industry. Mining is an extremely lucrative industry that requires highly skilled teams and specialised equipment. When a piece of equipment fails, it poses serious dangers to those on duty and may also cause the mine to have to pause operations. In extreme cases, such as in 2009 at BHP’s Olympic Dam mine in South Australia, a hoist braking system failure resulted in a 75% fall in production, loss of $200 million and forced a temporary closure of the mine.

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