Australian Bushfires – Our Heroes on the Front Line

Australian bushfires are ripping through the country, in one of Australia’s worst fire seasons to date. New South Wales and Queensland have suffered the most Рcombined, these states have had over a million hectares of land set ablaze.

australian bushfires

Image credit: The Guardian

New South Wales has been razed the most by these devastating fires. Over 1.65 million hectares of bush has burnt down, 1000 homes have been scorched, thousands of people are without electricity and there have been 6 confirmed deaths. In Queensland, over 200,000 hectares of bush has burnt down and over 20 homes have been destroyed.

Australian bushfires fire fighter

Image credit: EPA

With all the destruction and devastation from the fires happening around Australia, we need to thank our emergency service heroes. Our firefighters are on the front line fighting against these fires day and night to protect our lives and property.

Several Australian Military Reserve units and volunteers have donated their support to assist our firefighters. Winch Hire Australia wants to sincerely thank our emergency services and all who support them in protecting us from this crisis. Your bravery and dedication amid these Australian bushfires will not be forgotten.