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Our air hoists work tirelessly on the job due to a system devised to provide ongoing performance in this demanding and harsh environment. Currently, our air hoists are being hired out to an alumina plant, where our 3 tonne and 6 tonne air hoists are assisting with planned outages for scheduled maintenance.

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What Makes Our Air Hoists Special?

There are numerous factors that set our air hoists apart from the crowd. For instance, our hoists have air filters, which are fitted to reduce condensation in air lines and minimise engine corrosion. In addition, inline oilers in the airline pump oil into the airline ensuring the machine is lubricated. Together, these methods improve equipment service and efficiency.

Another point of difference is our range of air hoists with long chain drops (including 40 metre and 60 metre chain drops), which are very practical for accessing long shaft drops. Our range surpasses all competition as chain drops longer than 20 metres are rare to find.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility and we take that very seriously, especially when it comes to compressed air. Emergency shutoff valves are clearly accessible at the point of operation. Air fittings have a rating of the maximum pressure of the air compressor and air hoses should be bled before disconnecting safety fittings. Safe Operating Procedures provided with the equipment instruct the operator on optimal safe hoist use to ensure their well-being whilst using the equipment.

Features of Our Air Hoists

Our air hoists have:

  • The longest chain lengths in Australia
  • Variable speed for application flexibility
  • Suitable for use in hazardous areas like mines
  • Compact and relatively lightweight for easier installation and portability
  • Units available with chain length up to 60 metres

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