Air Hoists – Big Lifting Solution for Small Spaces

Air Chain Hoists with the longest chain drops in Australia providing a safe and reliable way to pull, lift and lower above or below ground.

With their compact size, Air Hoists offer a reliable lifting solution for an endless range of purposes. You’ll see Winch Hire Australia Air Hoists in use at multi-level job sites, mine shafts, general engineering applications, relocating infrastructure for maintenance. Basically anywhere a high capacity lifting solution is required in a confined space, and where their advantage over bulky Air Winches is evident

We are Australia’s leading supplier of Air Winches due to our extensive range of sizes and models, which are rental ready with Safe Operating Procedures, Test Certificates and relevant safety documents. Our Hire Controllers ensure our Air Hoists are rental ready in various SWL capacities with chain lengths available to suit your individual drop length.

Air Hoists are a compact lifting solution for confined spaces – our range spans 1 tonne and under, right up to 30 tonnes and everything in between.

Want to find out more? Ask us about girder trolleys and girder clamps designed to secure the Air Hoist in a safe and appropriate manner exactly where it’s needed.

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