Our Most Popular Jinker Trailer – 6-Tonne Cable Drum Trailers for Hire

Winch Hire has a number of 6-Tonne RG Cable Drum Trailers “Jinker Trailers” available for hire throughout Australia. This self-loading cable jinker trailer helps operators safely and easily transport and manipulate cables and wiring to any remote location. Available with drum drives built on, this product is compliant with all HS&E requirements and industry regulations.

Operators always find our Redmond Gary trailers to be safe and efficient for spooling, winding and recovering power and data cables.

6-Tonne Cable Drum Trailer

Winch Hire Australia’s 6-tonne self-loading cable drum trailer is a unique design which includes two lifting arms that are independently controlled. They also include a chain link to the respective spindle bearing carriers so you can rotate and lift drums that aren’t aligned to the trailer or might be present on uneven surfaces. Our advanced self-loading jinker trailers are known to be a secure method of transporting the cable drum to and around your job site.

Jinker Trailer Features

Our cable drum trailers have been designed to make your operations flow seamlessly and simply. The drum trailers that we offer, from 1.5-tonne cable trailers through to 6.5-tonne trailers are highly robust as well as reliable solutions for carrying out a wide range of tasks. Our popular 6-tonne cable drum trailer is known to be ideally suited for matching the specific needs of the installation crew that is cost-conscious and provides maximum productivity.

This particular trailer offers:

  • Efficient and safe self-loading capability
  • Road registration for hiring in any corner of Australia
  • Hydraulic self-loading with diesel and petrol engine
  • Built-in 1000kg drum drive
  • Mechanical disk drag brake on the spindle

In addition to our popular 6-tonne cable drum trailer, you can also access our advanced range of fibre optic trailers and land cruisers which work on similar principles.

Self-Loading Functionality

Our range of 6-tonne cable drum trailers can be used for a one-man operation. Because of the overall mechanized design of the trailers – hydraulic lift arms, hydraulic jacklegs, and drum rotators – the trailers can be utilised for rotating and lifting drums, all by one individual.

Lifting System

This self-loading cable drum trailer has been designed to transport drums featuring electrical power cable and also delivering cable at the given work site. The unit sports a wide number of specific features that help in improving the overall productivity through the provision of one-man, safe handling of the respective cable drums.

  • The cable trailer doesn’t need to be positioned precisely for picking up the load, the chains attached to the pickup arms give it the needed flexibility.
  • It relies on hydraulic power to load the trailer and deliver cable at the given work site.
  • The support shaft for the drums is made out of high tensile steel material so it can be easily fitted across the cable drum by a single person.
  • Hydraulic drum drive uses low friction on the cable drum rim to assist controlled spooling or rewinding the cable.
  • A drum rotator is capable of turning the drum for reeling in or paying out cable.

Industrial Applications

As the cable trailer has been designed for ensuring a one-man operation, using this trailer can free up staff from other tasks while allowing small-sized working groups to maintain the overall output effectively. The working principles of our self-loading cable drum trailer can be used in various applications, including:

  • Irrigating hose
  • Optical and telephone cable
  • Defence equipment
  • Conveyor belting
  • Seismic line

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