3 Simple But Essential Tips for Winch Maintenance


3 Simple But Essential Tips for Winch Maintenance

It’s time for winch maintenance! Let’s face it, it has to be done. A winch is an integral part of a construction site. The primary use for a winch is maneuvering heavy objects in or out of tight spots and positions.

In order to look after your safety and avoid a breakdown, routine inspections and maintenance must be done. All machinery will wear out over time, but if you maintain it well you can stretch the life out much longer.

It’s also important to have proper training on how to use winches correctly. Heavy machinery can be especially dangerous when it’s operated incorrectly or by someone inexperienced.

To help you navigate through these careful steps, we’ve put together a few helpful tips for winch maintenance that you can incorporate into your work.

Inspect the wire rope for damage

Always make sure to inspect the rope before and after use. If you spot signs of damage, fraying or kinks, you should replace it immediately or at least before using it again. This will help you avoid bigger issues down the track and ensure you’ll be safe operating it.

Keep clean the wire rope and control box clean by hosing it off well with soapy water. This may call for you to unwind the winch to make sure that no dirt or debris builds up. Another maintenance tip for vehicle-mounted winches is to check the vehicle battery and cables to make sure they’re all functioning correctly. It’s worthwhile noting that using the winch for long periods of time will put extra strain on the battery.

Winch Hire Australia can provide repairs for winches, hoist cable trailers or any other form of lifting equipment. We also do service maintenance on a range of winches and associated equipment.

Ensure workers have proper training

Whilst maintenance will help keep your winch in top condition, proper training will help to ensure it’s operated safely and with care. If you are looking for a winch online, make sure you keep training needs for whoever operates the winch in mind. Also, consider whether you need to buy or hire one. With one-off jobs, you may be off hiring if you have a qualified team member.

If you have found a deal to buy a winch that’s too good to be true, it probably is. It may have underlying concerns that could cause harm and you should never compromise safety. Before you decide to buy or rent any piece of machinery or equipment such as a winch, check out our winch equipment range. Our expert team can guide you towards the most suitable winch and also train your staff to use your new equipment.

Setup A Regular Maintenance Schedule

Winch inspection must be performed by the operational team before each use of the winch.

Depending on the manufacturer, it’s recommended that you seek professional inspection of your winching device at least once annually. In some cases, a professional inspection may be required more frequently – on a monthly or quarterly basis. Learn more about the importance of routine winch maintenance in our blog.

During a maintenance service, your winch will undergo a deep clean and test all moving parts to make sure it’s working in top condition. This includes rope spooling and de-spooling, any repairs, rope replacement if needed, chain inspection, load cell systems and rigging checks.

Each maintenance check comes with a certification proving that it has been approved as safe working order.

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