The Many Uses of Our 10 Tonne Winches

Although our fleet includes winches with greater safe working load limits, our 10 tonne winches have been in demand on various worksites around the country. Whether it’s long cable hauls, heavy pipe positioning or conveyor belt installation, you will find Winch Hire 10 tonne winches on the job and relied upon for implementing infrastructure.

10 Tonne Electric Winches

Electric Winch 10 Tonne

We have recently supplied a 10 Tonne Electric Winch  from our range of electric winches to haul conveyor belts for a large underground and open-cut mine in South Australia. The conveyor belt system is estimated to cover a distance of up to 800 metres, and the winch is used to restructure the conveyor belt to service the mine site – this improves production time and efficiency and reduces transport costs. Our 10 Tonne Electric Winch is fully mine-spec, and with zero emissions it is ideal for mining application. All of our current and past mining customers have been delighted with the effectiveness of the 10 Tonne Electric Winch. 

10 Tonne Diesel Winches

Diesel Hydraulic winch 10T

Our 10 Tonne Diesel Winches have recently provided an efficient and cost-effective solution for a pipe installation project in Southern Queensland. The pipe is a part of the Toowoomba sewerage network, and provides vital services in this region. The task of dragging 190 metres of thick walled drainage poly pipe (weighing in at about 7 tonnes) was not viable with the customer’s existing equipment, and our winches provided the specialised solution that they needed.

25 Tonne Diesel Winch

cable hauling handling winch 25 tonne - Winch Hire Australia

For long and heavy power cable hauls, our diesel winch with a line pull of 25 Tonnes and a 4 Tonne recovery drum provides the perfect solution for long and heavy cable hauling projects.

This relatively compact unit has recently been used for hauling power cables where the customer required a 10 Tonne winch.  When this project is completed, these cables will form part of a power supply infrastructure project for the Northern and Western regions of Australia.

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