Electric Compressors ranging from 50CFM to 60CFM from 100-150 PSI

You can rely on electric air compressors from Winch Hire Australia. Our range includes oil-lubricated, piston compressors from Atlas Copco, who have built an enviable reputation for performance, reliability and efficiency. These receiver mounted compressors have a compact design for easy transportation and provide a zero emission solution when workshop breakdowns occur.

Features include:

  • Exceptional reliability for heavy duty industrial applications
  • Dependable flow of compressed air directly to the point of use
  • Space saving thanks to optimum cooling, aluminium design and direct drive
  • High pressure units available

We take care of all the service and maintenance, testing and certification to provide you with a reliable high performance compressor with low operating costs.

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Oil-lubricated, piston compressors are your high-performance compressed air solution

  • Make/model: Atlas Copco LE11
  • Type: Single-stage oil-lubricated reciprocating piston compressor
  • Capacity: 50 CFM, 102 PSI
  • Engine: 415 V, 11 KW, 15 HP, 180 RPM
  • Dimensions(mm): L 2000, W 900, H 1400
  • Weight: 800 kg
  • ID#01585

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