Diesel Compressors ranging from 175CFM to 500CFM

You can rely on diesel air compressors from Winch Hire Australia. Our range includes oil injected, rotary screw compressors from Atlas Copco, who have built an enviable reputation for performance, reliability and efficiency. As they have been designed for heavy-duty environments, our range of portable air compressors can power a combination of pneumatic equipment such as winches, hoists, rock drills, breakers or hammers.

We take care of all the service and maintenance, vehicle registration costs, testing and certification to provide you with a reliable high performance compressor with low operating costs.  We can also supply all your air hose, bull hose, pneumatic tools and pressure rope kits.

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COMP D 011655 AC 500CFM 02

  • Make/model: Atlas Copco XAHS 236
  • Capacity: 500 CFM up to 175 PSI
  • Engine: 6 cylinder diesel, 1800 RPM, 146 kW, 195 HP
  • Dimensions(mm): L 5500, W 2000, H 2000
  • Weight: 3000 kg
  • Tow vehicle: 6 Tonne truck, pintle ring
  • Brakes: electric
  • ID#011655

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