Blowing Kit – Air

For best results use this drawline pressure roping gun and kit in unoccupied conduits ranging from 50mm to 150mm. Compressed air is used to blow the drawline to the end of the conduit ready for attachment to the cable rope. The kit comprises of 1 gun, 5 seals and 5 grommets all secured in a metal tool box. Requires air pressure of 75 CFM to 265 CFM.

A simple but highly effective solution for cable hauling.

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This pressure blowing kit uses compressed air to blow drawline or lightweight rope through conduits ranging from 50mm to 150mm.

  • Conduit size: suitable for 50mm to 150mm
  • Roping grommets: 4mm to 12mm
  • Recommended air pressure: 185 CFM
  • Tool box dimensions(mm): L 550, W 220, H 240
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • ID#03935

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