65 Tonne Hydraulic Winch

Applications for these industrial winches are many and varied including construction, civil, marine, manufacturing, repairs and maintenance. These winches provide a robust, reliable and economical solution for your next Lift and Shift project. They are ready for immediate application with the power pack of your choice.

Want to hire the 65 tonne hydraulic winch?

Contact us on T: 3376 2888 for information about our extensive hydraulic winch range from 2 Tonne up to 65 tonne in a range of configurations to suit your individual application.

Put this robust winch to work on a range of applications including construction, civil, marine, mining, repairs and maintenance.

  • Line pull: top layer 38 tonne, bottom layer 68 tonne
  • Max. drum capacity: 220 metres (26mm)
  • Hydraulic flow: max. speed 190 litres per minute
  • Engine: Cummins Diesel power pack
  • Dimensions(mm): L 1700, W 1900, H 1700
  • Weight: 3.2 Tonne
  • ID#03984

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