5.0 Tonne Self Loading Cable Trailer

Our 5 Tonne Cable Trailers are designed for safe and efficient operation of cable drum handling. This cable trailer is engineered for off road use; it’s fitted with independent suspension with 20 inch dia. wheels and high ground clearance for difficult terrain.

Simply reverse the single axle trailer on level ground onto the cable drum fitted with the appropriate spindle, hydraulically lift the cable drum clear of the ground and secure for transport to the work site. Controls are positioned to provide the operator with a clear view during cable drum loading and unloading as well as winding and rewinding cable. Independently controlled lifting arms and chain link to the spindle bearing carriers allow the operator to rotate and lift cable drums that are not aligned with the trailer or are situated on uneven ground. The hydraulic drive uses low friction on the cable drum rim to assist controlled spooling or rewinding cable.

  •       Safe and efficient operation
  •       500 kg drum drive with drag brake to assist with spooling and recovering cable
  •       All terrain tyres for off road locations
  •       Road registered for hire throughout Australia

For more information contact us on T: 07 3376 2888

5 tonne cable trailers

  • Max. drum mass: 5000 kg
  • Max. drum diameter: 2800 mm
  • Max. drum width: 1500 mm
  • Drum drive line pull: 500 kg
  • Spindle diameter: 40 mm and 87 mm
  • Trailer brakes: Air auxiliary brake system
  • Engine: 6.7 kW Diesel
  • Tow coupling: Pintle eye, 7 pin
  • Towing vehicle: Min. 4T truck with air brakes
  • Trailer lights: 12 or 24 volt
  • Dimensions(mm): L 4800, W 2500, H 2270
  • Weight: 1980 kg
  • ID#03105

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